Digital Implant ‘DIOnavi.’ Spreading Worldwide, Why?


Digital implant 'DIOnavi.' is spreading rapidly in the global market.
In particular, DIOnavi. is making a name for itself by being evaluated
as an incredible digital guided implant surgery system with surgical safety, accuracy of implant placement,
and user convenience.

Comfortable. High-Tech. Fast.
That’s DIOnavi.

If you’ve had to part ways with one or more of your natural teeth, dental implants can be an excellent option to fill those spaces. Implants allow you to chew food normally and help prevent bone loss in your jaw. They’re more comfortable than dentures, partials, or bridges, and can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are posts placed into the jaw where the tooth root used to be located. The posts fuse with the bone in your jaw and serve as a strong anchor to attach replacement teeth.

The DIOnavi. Difference

With the personalized, minimally invasive DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure, there is no surgical incision, and recovery is quick without the complications that come with an incision-based procedure. Conventional implant techniques require a surgical incision and recovery time can be slow and painful due to swelling and risk of infection.

DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure

With DIOnavi EcoDigital Implants, your entire procedure can be planned, managed, and performed at your dentist’s office in one visit. There’s no surgical incision, which means it’s comfortable with less chance for complications. And the procedure itself is precise and fast, taking just minutes to perform.

Conventional Dental Implant Surgery

With conventional implant techniques, you’ll be heading to the dentist’s office for several appointments over a long period of time even with those that promise same-day implants. On the day of your surgery, the dentist will make a surgical incision in your gum to place the post (implant) that will hold your new tooth.

Make a smart dental implant choice

Advanced data-driven technology combined with the comfort and speed you want—
that’s SMART. And that’s the DIOnavi EcoDigital difference.

Solution personalized for you and your mouth’s one-of-a-kind shape and function

Minimally invasive with
no surgical incisions

All digital, using the
digital intelligence and
precision of imaging and
data to plan and perform
your entire procedure

Rapid and comfortable
recovery because your
gums, bones, and blood
vessels are protected,
and UV activation speeds
the natural healing

Takes as little as 2 hours
from the time you arrive
until you return home
with new teeth

100% digital process for all cases including edentulous cases

By the 100% digitization of the entire process, everything can proceed with the digital data, such as 3D simulation of implant surgery before the surgery. With this, all the position, angle, and depth of the oral structure of the individual can be determined. Therefore, it is applicable to almost all cases, such as edentulous cases or maxillary sinus lift, immediate placement after extraction, cases with narrow bone width, narrow interproximal space, small mouth opening, and others such as immediate loading after extraction for the mandibular.
In particular, the entire process of the DIOnavi. Full Arch can be completed in full digital from scanning the denture of an edentulous patient, implant planning, guide production, implant placement, and to the final Screw-retained prosthesis.